Torador International Group Co,. LTD.
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Brand story


       Torador International Group Co,. LTD. After 20 years of honing, duojiaduo international has developed into a modern global comprehensive large group with dairy products as its core products. Its subsidiaries include duojiaduo dairy industry, duojiaduo commerce and trade, Australian R & D center, Zhuhai notian Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries, mainly producing and selling infant formula milk powder and adult milk powder. The canobel sheep milk powder, koala Miqi pure sheep milk powder and angelcino milk powder of duojiaduo dairy have passed the national registration system certification. Keqi brand has a history of many years. Its products are exported to home and abroad and are deeply loved by consumers.

        Duojiaduo dairy production base is located in Jinnan Economic Development Zone, Tianjin. The plant covers an area of 35000 square meters. It has 100000 GMP production workshops and leading global dairy production equipment and production technology. It is the first batch of enterprises to obtain the production license of infant dairy products. Infant formula milk powder is imported from New Zealand. It selects imported raw materials such as whey protein powder and lactoferrin from the United States, Bifidobacterium lactis from Danisco, Denmark and kohansen, and demineralized whey powder from France. It implements a strict quality monitoring system from raw material quality detection to product inspection and delivery.






  • Join conditions

    Join conditions

           Willingness to participate in headquarters training and accept management at headquarters has strong interpersonal and financial management skills...

  • Headquarters support

    Headquarters support

           Marketing training, inventory management Training time is mainly 15 days, divided into IT system support, the market two major sectors...

  • Joining process

    Joining process

           Investors understand and inspect the dairy industry. Investors submit pre-selected venues. Photos of the surrounding properties of the store....



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