Torador International Group Co,. LTD.
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Brand story


       Torador International Group Co,. LTD. is a Sino-foreign joint venture specializing in the research, development, production and sales of infant and dairy products. The product research and development center consists of a number of nutrition experts, with breast milk as the highest standard. Based on the Chinese baby's physical characteristics, metabolic characteristics and nutritional needs, we advocate the concept of modern infant nutrition and develop high-quality milk powder suitable for Chinese baby's physique. Over the years, we have been dedicating to our product’s quality and technological innovations while constantly introducing new products. In 2018, we introduced our brand-new infant powder series, Angelcino, which successfully passed the national infant formula registration system. Angcino will expert in infants, children, and maternal formulas, thus serve Chinese consumers with good quality and safe milk powder.

        The Torador Dairy Production Base is located in Tianjin Jinnan Economic Development Zone. The factory covers an area of 35,000 square meters and has a 100,000-class GMP production workshop which equipped with the world-leading-level of dairy production equipment and production process. We imported our raw material (milk powder) from New Zealand; the whey protein powder from a well-known American company; Bifidobacterium from Denmark, Chr. Hansen; lactoferrin from U.S.; desalted whey powder from France and other imported raw materials. To ensure the premium quality of product, we implemented a strict quality control system from the raw material quality inspection to the product inspection and delivery process. With our quality control system, we are honored to be the first batch of companies to obtain Product Formula Registration Certificate of Infants and Young Children Formula Milk Powder issued by CFDA.






  • Join conditions

    Join conditions

           Willingness to participate in headquarters training and accept management at headquarters has strong interpersonal and financial management skills...

  • Headquarters support

    Headquarters support

           Marketing training, inventory management Training time is mainly 15 days, divided into IT system support, the market two major sectors...

  • Joining process

    Joining process

           Investors understand and inspect the dairy industry. Investors submit pre-selected venues. Photos of the surrounding properties of the store....



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