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Lead's Oration


         "Big business seeks ways, small businesses seek profits. He who seeks a road gains both the Tao and the right. He who seeks profit loses all his way. " TORADOR is engaged in infant milk powder related to the healthy growth of children, the product has already gone beyond the simple concept of commodities, it carries the care of family, parents'expectations and the hope of the future of the motherland. Doing things with heart and making products with conscience is the foothold of our dairy industry, and "providing customers with quality and safe products" is the sacred purpose of our dairy industry. "Improving the quality of life, disseminating the health concept" is the mission of Doga-Dodo dairy industry, which embodies the responsibility, excellence, humanism and values of Doga-Dodo dairy industry. Doga-Doga not only provides a broad development platform for employees, but also advocates core staff stock ownership and benefit sharing. The value of TORADOR existence is not simply profit-making, we use conscience to run products at the same time, we are more willing to assume the original social responsibility to the entire interest community, welcome friends from all walks of life to witness our commitment!


         As a leader of many plus, this series of achievements should be proud of. But what I am most proud of is that, in the face of all these difficulties, there are always people, every family accompanied by more trust and never give up! Thank you for your family members! It is because of your support that I am confident that I can persist.


         TORADOR Every can of milk powder that comes out of the factory is worthy of your conscience, your support and the trust of parents. "Setting up a century-old brand and devoting ourselves to the cause of human health" is our corporate vision. We look forward to working with our friends to create a win-win atmosphere of enthusiasm, openness, sincere cooperation and pioneering spirit. Nearly 14 years of hardships and hardships, more and more dairy industry has today's growth. The support of the people here is inseparable. Because of the trust of the families present, we can step by step step, step by step, step through the barriers, to a strong today, toward a bright tomorrow.


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