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Corporate Culture

1. TORADOR and TORADOR vision

To establish an across-century brand and strive for the cause of human health
2. TORADOR and TORADOR missions
Enhance the quality of life and spread the concept of health
3. TORADOR and TORADOR faith
Knowing has no power without believing and doing
4. TORADORPlus purposes
To consumers: to provide customers with quality and safety products.
To dealers: to help pursue wealth dreams and achieve win win cooperation
To cooperation: to become the benchmark of industry.
For shareholders: to highly responsible for long term returns
For employees: to provide an ideal platform for career development.
To society: to give back and contribute to the country and society.
5. TORADOR and TORADOR business ideas
Win-win cooperation and create brilliance together
6. TORADOR and TORADOR services
The value of money exceeds the expectation of customers.
7. TORADOR and TORADOR talents
people oriented, to the best of people’s ability.
8. TORADOR work style
earnest, efficient, faithful
9. TORADOR than three criteria
Be responsible, make no excuse, and to ensure the completion of tasks
10. TORADOR plus training
Introspection and continual innovation


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